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Current Management Trainee

Since Day 1 of my Summer Internship with Cathay Pacific in the Airline Purchasing Department, I was totally immersed in the culture of Swire: learning about the brand, the values of the company and everything else that goes along with it. 

Working in a team of four, one of our main projects was to source new seats for the incoming A350 planes. A tour of the existing aeroplanes was arranged so we could see the current seating models used. I helped to vet and review vendor proposals before passing on our consolidated list for the managers from different relevant departments to review. It felt great to know my opinions mattered and my work added value to the team’s decision.

 At the time I was a penultimate year student, I had limited knowledge about the industry and sometimes needed to ask for help. What is amazing here is that I can ask anyone in the team and they are all very supportive. It’s just part of the culture which I have really come to appreciate. Two managers acted as my mentors. No matter how busy they were, they always had time for me if I needed guidance for the project or personal advice. I have yet to hear of another internship programme with such an approachable, accessible management team. So with this in mind, I applied for the Group Staff Management Trainee Programme. I have since started my MT career in Swire Beverages.



Current Management Trainee

I was responsible for conducting competitor research related to the hotel's brand image and themes surrounding environmental and sustainability performance. I discovered that sustainability is not lip service in our company, but is part of what defines us and something that we really honour.

I wanted to learn more so I jumped in with both feet, requesting to work in The Upper House's different departments. This included 'Guest Experience', 'Restaurant and Bar' and even with 'Housekeeping'. Working with people from all walks of life and learning from my colleagues taught me invaluable skills, including how to communicate effectively. I was surprised at how much I learned in just seven weeks!

The internship ultimately gave me a greater understanding of the business as a whole and equipped me with the relevant skills to move onto the Group Staff Management Trainee Programme.

Natalie has since joined the Group Staff Management Trainee Programme. Find out more here.



Current Management Trainee

I’ve always wanted to work in a big company and Swire fit that description. But I didn’t know how big it really was until I started my Summer Internship. It all began with a comprehensive Induction Programme where I learned more about the Swire Group and was shown around its Operating Companies in Hong Kong. This really opened my eyes to the different divisions that make up Swire and how they function.

For the next seven weeks, I worked in the Digital Marketing Team at Cathay City, Hong Kong. The valuable lessons I learnt and the skills I gained in that time were more than I’d learnt in my life so far. These included crafting responses using the right tone and manner in real-time to customer questions and comments on Cathay Pacific’s social media channels such as Facebook, and the whole thinking process behind engaging customers through mobile platforms – from brainstorming ideas to implementation.

Everything was made easier and more fun thanks to all the people I worked with. They were helpful, kind and friendly, and many of them I now call friends. That’s one of the main reasons why I decided to continue my career and life goals with Swire. This internship was the perfect stepping stone to the next stage of my life – joining the Group Staff Management Trainee Programme, which you can read about my experience here.