We set the standard for excellence wherever we do business, with a 200-year history and an unparalleled reputation for integrity, professionalism and innovation. We are committed to sustainable growth and dedicated to improving training and development within our business.

One core element of this strategy is attracting talent to our business. Forward-looking and original, with the ability to deal with complex and changing markets is our competitive advantage. Many of our core operations can be found in Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong and Mainland China. Elsewhere, our businesses are found in the most diverse areas such as Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Africa, Sri Lanka, the USA and UK.

About Swire
About Swire

Your Career

Getting started

The initial four-week Group Induction Programme includes briefings from senior management on business strategy, visits to operating companies in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and one-week intensive financial management and self-awareness programmes. This comprehensive induction programme aims to provide Management Trainees with a taste of the Group's diversity and prepare them for future challenges.

The programme

Training doesn't stop after your induction. It's the beginning of a development journey that includes on-the-job learning, workshops and group projects to challenge you – everything you need to develop into a future leader.

Learn to be a Leader

As a Management Trainee, you will have the opportunity to broaden your understanding of our business. You might even be seconded to operating companies overseas to further build broader expertise, critical thinking, leadership and adaptability to change.

Learn from the Top

Working alongside a senior executive will give you crucial insight into the day-to-day life of a manager, providing you with unique access to someone with lots of valuable experience to share, allowing you to advance your management skills and strategic thinking.

Assistance of a Mentor

During the programme you will be assigned a mentor. Many mentors have themselves been Management Trainees, and will draw on their own experiences to support and guide you with understanding and empathy.

Skills for Success

You will be offered ongoing training throughout the programme to equip you with everything you need to become a Swire leader. This diverse training will feature negotiation, influencing, leadership skills, exploring the qualities and competencies that characterise a Swire leader in order to gain a deeper understanding of how these qualities connect with your career path.

Learning & Development

Learning & Development

Growing our own talent is a core part of our philosophy. Our leadership programme is designed to develop the skills and abilities needed to progress towards executive-level roles.

The Swire leadership programme targets development objectives by segmenting the population into four levels. This enables us to manage talent, identify leadership gaps, and prioritise needs and areas for investment. We believe that self-awareness is vital to successful leadership. The programme therefore builds on this at every level, while always keeping Swire's culture and values in mind.

Leading and managing others
Leading and managing managers and departments
Leading and managing organisations

Our managers often take part in business management and executive programmes at top schools like INSEAD and we provide high-potential senior managers opportunities to attend executive programmes at Stanford University and other world-renowned institutions. Our leadership programme follows specific values that are vital for you to succeed.

Our leadership programme achieves the perfect balance amongst various modes of learning to give you the crucial skills for you to succeed.

Global Leadership

Designs, communicates and implements strategy built around a compelling vision.

Operational Excellence

Sets and delivers standards for best practice within all our business operations.

Personal Effectiveness

Understands own strengths and weaknesses and how to translate them into an effective personal leadership style.

People Leadership

Builds and maintains a diverse workforce capable of meeting business needs.

Values & Culture

Exemplifies the Swire values on a daily basis.


On the job learning

through workflow and challenging assignments


Social learning

through coaching and mentoring


Formal learning

in the classroom and through reading